Rendezvous at the River

Bailey Penninger at 2011 RATR

Rendezvous at the River is ECTA’s summer 3D shoot. Every year during the second weekend in June, traditional archers from all over the northwest and beyond gather along the banks of the scenic upper Grande Ronde River in northeast Oregon for traditional archery 3D action and camaraderie.

Rendezvous at the River has become one of the premier traditional bow shoots in the northwest. We are very proud of this accolade. The ECTA crew works hard at creating a weekend full of fun for everyone, starting with our variety of novelty events, not to mention the 40-plus 3D targets setup on two distinctively different terrain and habitat-type courses.

ECTA’s RATR weekend schedule is packed full of things to do – but there is plenty of time for relaxing around a campfire, listening to fellow archers tell (sometimes believable) hunting stories and of course, visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Saturday Night’s Community Campfire has been a popular spot for all of us who enjoy this type of atmosphere. And many times we have been entertained by talented, and brave, amateur singer/song writers, guitarists and fiddlers. We have even had a cowboy poet share our campfire.

Of all our novelty events, and there are several, including Bowbirds, Water Torture, Long Distance, and Saturday night’s Flashlight Shoot, arguably the most popular, competitive, and certainly the most unique novelty (one that ECTA can call its own), is the “William Sundance Tell” World Championship novelty. If you are good at shooting apples off the head of dummies, and have nerves of steel, this is the event for you!

ECTA is very proud of how popular the RATR has become. We believe the reason is, in part, because of our Sunday Blanket Shoot competition. You don’t have to participate in this event, but if you do you will then want to take part in it every year. What is great about this type competition is that everyone is a winner!  Everyone that competes in the Blanket Shoot, from the oldest adult to the youngest kid, will take home a gift. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Jim Akenson at 2011 RATR

The Eagle Cap Traditional Archers would like to thank everyone that has helped with setting-up and tearing-down 3D courses during the RATR weekend. Without you, Rendezvous at the River would not be what it is today.

Note:  For those of you that plan attending RATR, the gate will be open for early arrivals on Friday, prior to the RATR Saturday opener. Our large camping area will be ready for your tent or RV.

Also on Friday morning, we will start setting up 3D courses and Registration – we would appreciate all the help we can get. If you volunteer to help out, ECTA will drop your weekend camping fee. In addition, when all the work is completed, all volunteers will be invited to join us for a barbeque outside the Registration building. 

One more note: Also on Friday afternoon, when setup is completed, both 3D courses will be open for everyone’s enjoyment!

Come early!

Hope to see you at Rendezvous at the River!

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