RATR Work Day

We didn’t get much accomplished, but we did decide on a few tasks for some of us to do before RATR setup day on Friday, 8 June. Russ Morgan showed us samples of painted boards we will use this year for sign material. Russ will cut them to size and then attach an upright support for pounding into the ground. Steve (on Friday, June 7th or 8th) will bring some white poster paper (cut to size) that will be stapled to the sign boards – ready for marking on, felt marker, that is. If we can keep the signs in good shape, all we will need to replace is the poster paper each year. Great idea Russ!

Russ also suggested we utilize the hay bales we used last year at the RATR. The bales are stacked under the roof at the LGRPC 100 yard range. We counted 10 bales that should hold together for us to use as target backstops. Now Russ won’t have to bring as many bales with him for setup day.

I would like to thank Russ Morgan, Garth Shaw, and Larry Harsin for showing up for the work day. Also, thanks Mark P. for the sign board uprights.

Shoot straight,

Steve C.

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RATR Work Day Scheduled

Rendezvous at the River Work Day – Saturday May 19th at the LGRPC 100 yd. range (river range) – gate will be open at 8 AM. Come join in when you get the time. See you there!

Steve C.

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ECTA NEWS: May monthly meeting


A few notes from the May 3, 2012 meeting.

We had a great meeting the evening of May 3rd at Steve’s house. It could have been better if more members attended, but that is understandable since many of our members live out of town. Two major items came up for discussion: Rendezvous at the River and Youth Outdoor Day.

The Youth Outdoor Day discussion was kind of a downer; at least the news  we received about it was. ODFW informed Mark P. that there will NOT be a Youth Outdoor Day this year, because of budgetary and personnel issues. However, it is possible, but highly unlikely, that someone or some organization will take on the responsibility and coordinate the event for this summer.

During the meeting we discussed the direction ECTA should consider taking about ODFW’s recent announcement not to host the event. Youth Outdoor Day has been a super success every year, and it has allowed us as archers to introduce traditional archery to the younger generation. However, since it is such a large event that takes many man-hours to put on, ECTA members at the meeting thought it was too bold of an undertaking for us to take on, especially since we have our own (RATR), large summer event that uses up plenty of man-hours, too.

As you all know (I hope!), Rendezvous at the River is June 9th and 10th. So, we need to PREPARE for it: Saturday, May 19th is our Work Party Day at the LGRPC facility. If you would like to help out, the gate at the 100 yard range (river) will be open at 8 AM, or soon after. If you can’t make it quite that early…that’s fine; come on up when you get the chance; we are sure to be there working most of the day.

The Work Party agenda will consist of moving all 3D targets from the shed, rate the condition of each target and then repair ( touch-up spray paint and fill holes with foam) if needed; repair practice butts (bags), build and paint new course signs, and anything else we think of that will help prepare us for RATR weekend – June 9th and 10th.


Steve C.

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Renovations to LGRPC Pistol Range May be Cause for Concern

Yesterday, I drove to ECTA’s storage shed at LGRPC. After sweeping rat poop (another concern) from the floor, I grabbed three target butts, threw them in the back of my pickup, then drove up the lane to our outdoor practice range, which borders the Pistol Range.

To my dismay, our range boundaries have been narrowed (some places severely) and the Pistol Range boundaries have grown. Since the last time I was at the range (last year), there has been a major renovation project going on. Trees have been felled (and decked in our parking area), several new “pistol pits” have been dug from the mountain side, and an area has been flattened out for Pistol Range users vehicle parking. A fantastic upgrade! That is, if you are, primarily, a Pistol Range user.

The project isn’t completed, but it is easy to see that the Traditional Archery Range is “way less” important to LGRPC than a pistol range. And I can understand the possible reasoning behind this “boundary narrowing”: there are more LGRPC members that utilize the Pistol Range than there are the Traditional Archery Range. However, when ECTA got involved with LGRPC (way back when), I thought our archery range boundaries were pretty well set in stone, and there was even the possibility of expansion, sometime in the future. Well, the expansion part was correct…for the Pistol Range, that is!

All in all, there are now three target butts set up for ECTA members usage. We just need to figure out new plans for our range, and maybe do some renovating ourselves.

Steve C.

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ECTA has a page on Facebook

Check out ECTA’s  new Facebook page. In a matter of a few hours yesterday evening after our page went public, we had 9 Likes. We’re hoping for many, many more.

Having a website and a Facebook page lets the world know “We have arrived”…and in a little less dramatic form – it is a positive way to promote traditional archery, bow hunting and the Eagle Cap Traditional Archers club.

Also, our new website and Facebook page are great formats for members that want to keep up on club news and activities, and maybe even indulge in some welcomed commentary of their own.

ECTA’s website and Facebook page are open to the Public; they are not private, unless we choose to make them that way, but I really doubt that will happen.

Again, check out ECTA’s Facebook page and click on the “Like” button. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share a comment with us, please don’t hesitate. We want to hear from all of you.

Steve C.

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Eagle Cap Traditional Archers Launches New Website and Blog

On April 15th, ECTA launched its new website/blog. The building process continues, so please don’t get too discouraged. It will get better as we go.

Within this website, we have included “The ECTA Blog.” This is where ECTA members, friends and friendly followers can read and comment on selected posts. ECTA will also use the blog as an easy and convenient  way to connect with members (along with personal email for really important stuff) about club current events and such.

As stated earlier, this is a process – hopefully not a slow one. Your help with suggestions (please post a comment) on how you think our website should look and feel to the general public,  and what information you would like to see it provide, will certainly give a boost to the maturing progress of our Eagle Cap Traditional Archers website and blog.


Steve C.

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Oregon’s Turkey Opener

Oregon’s spring turkey season opened Sunday April 15. The day would have been a good day for hunting – sunshine most of the day. I had needed yard work that I wanted to get done, so I opted to wait until today. I didn’t go out. I woke to heavy rain showers and it has continued all day long. Oh well; thank goodness it’s a month long season.  Maybe I try it tomorrow…if it isn’t pouring down rain!

I would like to hear how others have done so far. I know it’s still early in the season, but any luck or close calls so far?

Steve C.

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