2018 ECTA Monthly Meeting – Tuesday, January 09.

IMPORTANT Eagle Cap Traditional Archers MONTHLY MEETING coming up:  January 09, 2018. Please try and make this one. It’s time for nominations of officers, By-laws review; a look at financials, and more.

We will shoot bows and arrows following the meeting …so don’t forget your bow and arrows!

Where: Alpine Archery, La Grande, Or.     Meeting Time: 7:00 PM.
Shoot Time: Approx. 7:45 PM

P.S.:  Winter Indoor shooting for Trad-bows only is every Tuesday evening from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.


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2015 Rendezvous at the River – June 13-14

See you at Rendezvous at the River!!

2015 RATR flyer revised

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April Club Meeting

The ECTA April club meeting has been scheduled for April 8th at Steve’s home on Gekeler Lane at 7PM. Bring friends that are interested in traditional archery, if you can.

See you there!

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2013 RATR Flyer & TBS Spring Issue Newsletter

Check out our Spring Issue of “The Bent Shaft” and the 2013 flyer for “Rendezvous at the River.” And by the way, don’t miss RATR, June 8th & 9th. We’ll see you there!

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ECTA Banquet “a big success!”

ECTA’s December 8 banquet was a big success and a whole lot of fun for all that attended. The buffet style dinner was arguably the yummiest ever at an ECTA banquet. Mark Penninger and Jim Akenson put on slide shows that entertained all, and Steve Campbell sang and played guitar that rounded out the evening.

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ECTA Annual Banquet

LAST REMINDER for Eagle Cap Traditional Archers annual banquet on Saturday, December 8th in Island City at the OSU/Union County Extension Service Building (Ag Service Center). Doors will be open at 5 p.m.; we will start eating at 6 p.m., or somewhere close. This will be a potluck style dinner, so bring a main dish or side dish, salad or fruit — or any combination. Make sure to bring your own table settings and drinks. Come enjoy a great meal and entertainment, and most of all, enjoy a wonderful evening with friends. See you there!

Below is a map indicating the location of the Ag Service Center where the banquet will be held on Dec. 8th.

Take care,


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The ITB Stanley, Idaho NALS “Great Shoot”

The Idaho Traditional Bowhunters put on another great shoot when they hosted the 30th Anniversary of the North American Longbow Safari at Thatcher Creek near Stanley, Idaho on July 7-8. Kudos to Jeff Fealco and the guys for making the weekend a success for their organization and great fun for all participants. The weather was great, the scenery was fantastic, and the camaraderie,well… when traditional archers gather…it doesn’t get much better than that. Hunting stories galore!

ECTA was present in force, also. Several of our members made the long drive to Thatcher Creek. The lure and beauty of the  “Sawtooth Mountains” made you want to stay forever. Thank you ITB for a great shoot and weekend.


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July Meeting Set

July’s ECTA club meeting will be the second Tuesday of the month instead of the first. July 10th is the date; 7PM at Mark P’s (newly acquired) home at 60300 Foothill Road, one mile south of Gekeler Lane. Mark has a 7-target 3-D range all set-up and ready for our arrows. Bring your bows. We will also talk about last month’s RATR, and what the future holds for Eagle Cap Traditional Archers.

See you there!

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2012 Rendezvous at the River – “Another successful year.”

Dad and young archer

“Ya got to be ready for the shot!”

Even with rain all night on Friday and off and on all day Saturday, the 2012 Rendezvous at the River was another huge success. And to top it off, Sunday was a beautiful day.

Here are some totals and stats you might be interested in:

Registered shooters – 95 not including a few kids under 12 years of age that didn’t make it on the list. The total was down some from last year’s high of 110, but not bad for a weather forecast that was made to soak everyone and everything in it’s path. If we include non-registered shooters to our total, the count would be well over 100.

Saturday’s Novelty Events:

Water Torture – Adults and Kids: Total Shooters – 52

2012 Finals Water Torture - Daniel Dengate and Brent Haun

Daniel Dengate and Brent Haun in the Finals of the Water Torture competition.

Kid's Water Torture winner: Eli Harwood

Kid’s Water Torture winner: Eli Harwood

Competition at the Water Torture novelty was more than exciting this year. It was evident, during some of the match-ups: if one arrow misses the milk-jug, you might just be out of the running for the bank roll. Brent Haun and Daniel Dengate eliminated their competition right and left, then finally met in the Finals for the cash prize: winner take all. It was a Finals we all had hoped for, right down to the last drop of water (almost). But Brent Haun, from Salem, Oregon came out on top, beating out Daniel Dengate from Kennewick, Washington.

The Kid’s competition was just as exciting as the adult’s…well, maybe in a little different way. It was fun watching the determined faces of the young contestants as they tried to mentally will their arrows into the water-filled Ziploc bags .

2012 RATR Bowbirds

2012 Bow-birds

Bow-birds – this was a Free event Flu-flu’s filled the cloudy sky at the 2012 RATR. This was a free event for anyone that wanted to give it a go…first timers to die-hards. This is a great event to just have fun with, between novelty competitions. However, the future may bring a competitive form of bow-birds to the RATR…so KEEP PRACTICING.

Winners of 2012 Long Distance novelty

Money winners in the Long Distance competition: Mike Kruse and Tavia Lopez

Long Distance Shoot

RATR’s Long Distance novelty is always popular, year after year. A caribou target set at ??? … a long way off, with a florescent orange dot in the middle of the kill area, was what shooter after shooter was trying to hit: $1 for 3-arrows. Each round, the closest arrow to the center of the orange dot was recorded, then the competition continued for several more rounds until time allotment was running short. 2 5/8″ from the center of the dot is pretty darned good shooting, considering the distance was close to 100 yards. We had a tie this year, which doesn’t normally happen. Mike Kruse from Meridian, Idaho and Tavia Lopez from Council, Idaho split the money pot and walked away with a little extra spending money. Can’t beat that!

2012 “William Sundance Tell” World Championship

2012 William Sundance Tell World Champion - Russ Morgan

2012 “William Sundance Tell” World Champion :     Russ Morgan

As usual, the competition was hot and heavy during the WST World Championship at the RATR this year. 65 archers signed-up this year for the WST; a possible record number (I’ll have to check). Eight lucky shooters hit the apple (one of three arrows shot) the first round, causing many of us to think a second round was imminent…until Russ Morgan, of La Grande, Oregon stepped up to the line and put two holes in the apple from three arrows shot – ending the competition. Russ Morgan became ECTA’s 2012 “William Sundance Tell” World Champion! Congratulations Russ. We’re all proud of you.

Sunday “Blanket Shoot” competition

The Blanket Shoot competition is set-up so “everyone is a winner.” When a contestant  pre-registers for this competition, he/she will then place a gift item (something you would be proud to win) on the blanket…in our case: on the tables. Following the shoot, the archer with the highest score will be the first to scavenge the gift tables for something he/she just can’t live without…and on down the list of scores and shooters until everyone has had a chance to pick up a prize.

The three highest scores for the Adult competition were: David Barnett of Walla Walla, Washington with a score of 323; Mike VanArsdale of Heppner, Oregon at 313; and Travis Newman of Echo, Oregon at 311. Great shooting guys!

What a fun weekend. A big thank you to everyone that attended this year’s RATR! Hope we see all of you next year.

Steve C.

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Check out our Gallery

Be sure to check out the Gallery. Photos are being added quite often. We hope to get as many on there as space allows, while making sure we have a good variety that will include present and past ECTA members and friends. There are several categories, including Hunting pics, RATR pics, Outdoor Day pics, and Members – past & present pics. If you are an ECTA member or a past member and you have pics you would like included on our sight, send them to Steve at campbes2@eou.edu.

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