RATR Work Day

We didn’t get much accomplished, but we did decide on a few tasks for some of us to do before RATR setup day on Friday, 8 June. Russ Morgan showed us samples of painted boards we will use this year for sign material. Russ will cut them to size and then attach an upright support for pounding into the ground. Steve (on Friday, June 7th or 8th) will bring some white poster paper (cut to size) that will be stapled to the sign boards – ready for marking on, felt marker, that is. If we can keep the signs in good shape, all we will need to replace is the poster paper each year. Great idea Russ!

Russ also suggested we utilize the hay bales we used last year at the RATR. The bales are stacked under the roof at the LGRPC 100 yard range. We counted 10 bales that should hold together for us to use as target backstops. Now Russ won’t have to bring as many bales with him for setup day.

I would like to thank Russ Morgan, Garth Shaw, and Larry Harsin for showing up for the work day. Also, thanks Mark P. for the sign board uprights.

Shoot straight,

Steve C.

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