ECTA NEWS: May monthly meeting


A few notes from the May 3, 2012 meeting.

We had a great meeting the evening of May 3rd at Steve’s house. It could have been better if more members attended, but that is understandable since many of our members live out of town. Two major items came up for discussion: Rendezvous at the River and Youth Outdoor Day.

The Youth Outdoor Day discussion was kind of a downer; at least the news  we received about it was. ODFW informed Mark P. that there will NOT be a Youth Outdoor Day this year, because of budgetary and personnel issues. However, it is possible, but highly unlikely, that someone or some organization will take on the responsibility and coordinate the event for this summer.

During the meeting we discussed the direction ECTA should consider taking about ODFW’s recent announcement not to host the event. Youth Outdoor Day has been a super success every year, and it has allowed us as archers to introduce traditional archery to the younger generation. However, since it is such a large event that takes many man-hours to put on, ECTA members at the meeting thought it was too bold of an undertaking for us to take on, especially since we have our own (RATR), large summer event that uses up plenty of man-hours, too.

As you all know (I hope!), Rendezvous at the River is June 9th and 10th. So, we need to PREPARE for it: Saturday, May 19th is our Work Party Day at the LGRPC facility. If you would like to help out, the gate at the 100 yard range (river) will be open at 8 AM, or soon after. If you can’t make it quite that early…that’s fine; come on up when you get the chance; we are sure to be there working most of the day.

The Work Party agenda will consist of moving all 3D targets from the shed, rate the condition of each target and then repair ( touch-up spray paint and fill holes with foam) if needed; repair practice butts (bags), build and paint new course signs, and anything else we think of that will help prepare us for RATR weekend – June 9th and 10th.


Steve C.

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