Oregon’s Turkey Opener

Oregon’s spring turkey season opened Sunday April 15. The day would have been a good day for hunting – sunshine most of the day. I had needed yard work that I wanted to get done, so I opted to wait until today. I didn’t go out. I woke to heavy rain showers and it has continued all day long. Oh well; thank goodness it’s a month long season.  Maybe I try it tomorrow…if it isn’t pouring down rain!

I would like to hear how others have done so far. I know it’s still early in the season, but any luck or close calls so far?

Steve C.

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2 Responses to Oregon’s Turkey Opener

  1. Stephen Campbell says:

    This is only a test of the comment and reply part of the blog. But I must say, this being the 3rd day of turkey season, and a sunny one at that, I have yet to enter the turkey woods with bow in hand.

    Good hunting,
    Steve C.

  2. Rattus says:

    I took my daughter out on opening day and had a tough time finding turkeys. We tried three places and only saw hens while driving between different areas. I took a Judo tipped arrow with me and realized how important it is to keep shooting in order to keep the muscles tuned up!
    I took a vacation day on Monday, but like Steve, the rain drenched my motivation to go out. Maybe I’ll try again this weekend.

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