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                                                                      “Promote and Preserve the Spirit of the Wooden Bow and its      Traditional Values”

                                                                                                                                                                    Welcome to Eagle Cap Traditional Archers website and blog! We hope your stay will be educational and enjoyable. Come back any time!

Eagle Cap Traditional Archers (ECTA) is based in La Grande, Oregon. We are a small but ambitious group of individuals dedicated to preserving and promoting  traditional archery as a true art form for future generations to enjoy.

Eagle Cap Traditional Archers promotes traditional archery and bow hunting as a sport the whole family will want to be involved in by:

Monthly Meetings: Eagle Cap Traditional Archers meet the first Tuesday of each month at a member’s home. Notification will be by e-mail.

Outdoor Range:  ECTA members that belong to the La Grande Rifle and Pistol Club or guest(s) accompanied by a LGRPC member may utilize the Traditional Archery Range at the LGRPC facility. See map attachment: Map to LGRPC facilities

Please forgive us for problems you may have had while navigating our website. This site is new and is a work in progress!